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The D BEAT project was born in 2015 from the meeting in Bologna of two DJs: Francesco Schinocca class 82 and Giuseppe Panicara class 86.
Francesco, originally from Catania, began his musical career at the age of 16, where he trained as an artist by spinning his vinyls in tourist villages and private parties, until he collaborated with a famous Sicilian radio, coming to support many great names in the international House music.
Giuseppe, originally from Teano in the province of Caserta, begins to cultivate his passion at the age of 12. However, his path is far from vinyl as he prefers digital. After years of study and intense sacrifices, he begins to master every type of software in the best possible way and begins to perform in his land, taking inspiration for his productions from several great DJs of the House music scene.
Their different stories cross in Bologna where they meet at a private party. There was born the idea of ​​combining different styles that blend digital and analogue music, giving life to a new musical concept that includes different shades of house music: Deep, Soulful, Classic House and Tech House.
The beginnings saw them as protagonists in the Bolognese panorama in well-known clubs such as: Let’s Go, DOC, Cabala Cafè, Roxy Bar, Le Scuderie, just to name a few. The public appreciates the musical product offered by D BEAT and so in 2018 they decide to undertake the path of music production that gives life to their first musical project that deviates from the current Tech House style but which has the air of a real Deep House Pop named “Closer”, signing their first contract with Lowly Palace Records in Los Angeles.
Subsequently they devote themselves to the creation of a new album, fully entering their favorite style; the Tech House.
So in 2020 two EPs are released, one in July with the Spanish record label "Sandy Records" entitled "This is it" and in November with Pierpaolo Bonelli's Kleos Recordings entitled "Feel it".

Also in 2020 they become part of a great musical project within Crop of Music Radio (CEO and Founder Cristian Farfa), an international web radio based in Ibiza where, still today, their music and their DJs play. Set within the musical program "Nasty Juice Radio Show" (CEO and Founder Davide Catania) every Thursday together with other important DJs from the Sicilian and Berlin scene.
The first collaborations arrive for D BEAT and it is together with Francesco Effe Deejay that after only two months of work in the studio they record and release in December 2020 "Don’t See Back" which is inside the EP "Silence".
“Only the passion for music and the constant work over time have allowed D BEAT to achieve many goals and also to be able to sign their most prestigious contract with the mother of all the House genre record labels.
Passion, commitment and perseverance: it is thanks to these values ​​that D BEAT officially enter the music market "of the great". The signing with Trax Records, the historic Chicago-based record label House (which has product of world famous DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, Ralphi Rosario, Mr. Fingers), is the confirmation that D BEAT has great growth prospects. The first productions with Trax Records are two singles, “Inside Me” and “Pump It” released respectively in April and May 2021.
Trax Records, enthusiastic about the work of D BEAT decides to release in July 2021 an EP entitled "Groovin 'Up" where in the song that takes the name of the EP, the President of the same label, Rachael Cain decides to put her voice enhancing even more the production carried out by D BEAT.
The first collaboration with Francesco Effe Deejay paid off and again in July 2021 they release "Alchimia" an experimental song with more Progressive sounds within an EP entitled "Red Light", also by Kleos Recordings.

At the end of July 2021 an important call arrives and it is Ibiza that calls, thus crowning their greatest dream and it is thanks to a Showcase created by Kleos Recordings that D BEAT will play in one of the most famous clubs on the island; the "Bora Bora".
D BEAT do not stop with the production and always release at Kleos Recordings a great track full of energy and with Hispanic sounds entitled "Tokyo" which will later be included in the "Ibiza Reinterpretation" compilation.
D BEAT grows and with them also the opportunities and this time it is a French Webradio "Pilq Radio" who wants D BEAT inside it with their Dj Sets and their productions.
Thanks to an interview carried out in October in the studios of Dj Hub, one of the best-known retailers in Italy of DJ products, there is a "handshake" between D BEAT and Max (Founder Dj Hub) thus giving life to a Partnership that will see them as protagonists of future projects.
In November the EP "Planet" is released on Kleos Recordings in full collaboration with Francesco Effe Deejay and is a cosmic journey in a much more "niche" House style compared to previous productions.
Collaborations with other producers are an important element for professional growth and D BEAT does not stop and so the beginning of the collaboration with Federico Fanti, DJ and Bolognese producer with whom they make a remix of the song "Mr. Vans "released in December 2021 by signing a contract with Kleos Recordings (which has now become a constant reference point for D BEAT) and always with Federico Fanti an EP entitled" Bolgia "released in December 2021 with Trax Records (Main Label of D BEAT ).
2022 sees D BEAT engaged on several fronts in international music, one of these is "MOAI Platform" a real promotion and management agency that defines an ecosystem of electronic music in the world for artists, clubs, record labels and schools with a complete service that covers all fields, with the aim of promoting electronic music by covering its different musical genres and contributing to the development of music.

Also in January 2022 D BEAT, thanks to their perseverance and dedication, can find space inside Crop OF Music Radio with the radio Format "Play On D Beat" edited and created by themselves , the Italian duo, airs exclusively on the digital frequencies of Crop Of Music Radio in Premiere every Monday at 10:00 PM and in replay every Wednesday at 5:00 PM and on Saturday night at 2:00 AM.
What can we listen to on "Play On D Beat"? The answer is: "Of course our music, the one we produced, that of artists of the moment and the past that are part of our musical culture.
Music doesn’t age and we want to blend the past with the present through our sets "

Inside "Play On D Beat" in addition to their DJ sets during the weekly programming will present a series of special podcasts with National and International guests and that the selected guests are friends and artists who have influenced and characterized their path and musical baggage .


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